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Virtual Users Credentials Now Available

Posted by Product Update on Mar 26, 2014 1:14:00 PM

Run More Realistic Scenarios with DiveCloud

VirtualCredentialsEditSpeed is a critical component to the success of apps, and it’s imperative that the speed in testing matches the speed in development and deployment. After all, users will turn away if your app is slow. You need to measure the responsiveness of your application constantly, as it has a direct impact on the user experience. In many cases, however, applications are password protected and require login credentials, which can slow down the process.

The solution? Nouvola’s Virtual Credentials.

Your application is ready. You want to see how it will perform under a high traffic load. But in order to do so, your virtual users must first log into the page to access what is downstream of login. Otherwise, you can test only what’s available before logging in, which isn’t always the most interesting aspect of your product. Above all, you want to ensure that your testing scenarios are realistic and show how your users can employ your application.

How to use Virtual Credentials in your test

With DiveCloud's Virtual Credentials, you can:

  • create tests in which your DiveCloud virtual users have their own accounts, and can access and employ your application like real user
  • have as many simultaneous and different users as you’d like
  • create one or more sets of users’ credentials, which can be stored securely on DiveCloud via encryption
  • use as many different scenarios as you’d like
  • generate realistic tests and measure the responsiveness of your application before it impacts your users.


Interested in trying it out? To start using Virtual Credentials, simply log in, select Credential Records from Advanced Options, and create a test. You’ll be on your way in no time!

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