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Case Study: How cPacket Networks uses Nouvola to ensure outstanding end-to-end performance with continuous testing 

Posted by Marketing Nouvola on Jan 17, 2018 1:17:31 PM

cPacket Networks is a company that develops high speed network performance monitoring systems. Thecompany develops its own ASICs and builds complete systems that leverage the unique capabilities of the HW.

The performance of cPacket’s system is of utmost importance to its users. The system itself has a distributed architecture and collects data from many endpoints in the network. Because of the nature of the architecture, performance bottlenecks can occur in multiple places. Nouvola makes it possible for cPacket to continuously test performance to ensure that the introduction of new hardware and software does not degrade the user experience, and to enable ongoing performance optimization of cPacket’s solution on multiple layers.

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How Nouvola Helped Us Engineer A System That Scaled To 3,000 Req/s In Less Than Two Weeks

Posted by Alex Wilhem on Jun 20, 2017 5:30:50 PM

This is an account of how Nouvola helped scale Validated’s infrastructure without ambiguity and with the confidence that it would perform at peak efficiency during a nationwide U.S. rollout that coincided with Validated appearance on Shark Tank.

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