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To all a good night: Web performance testing gives the gift of peace of mind

Posted by Charles Higgins on Dec 22, 2014 11:34:00 AM

Enterprise software isn’t something you usually wrap and put under a tree. But here at Nouvola, we’re feeling very festive this holiday season, and it’s not just about the gift parties and the eggnog. We’re in a celebratory mood because we know that our cloud performance testing software is delivering real value … gifts, if you will … to any business that uses it.

So in the spirit of the season we made a list, some of us even checked it twice, of the gifts of web performance testing.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-05_at_11.34.41_AMThe gift of happy customers

Cloud performance testing is the best way to ensure that your application is meeting your customer’s expectations and matching the performance of your direct competitors and all the other sites that your users interact with. These days, anything over Google’s sub 500 millisecond load time is seen as slow. With a solid testing regiment you can be confident that you are fast. And when your customers are happy, the boss is happy too…

The gift of a happy boss (and a happy bosses boss)

Website crashes have a funny way of running straight up the chain of command. Ever been the person that got the call from the boss, or the bosses’ boss wanting to know why the cloud application wasn’t working correctly? If you’ve run your cloud performance testing, you’ve identified and fixed holes in the application before it ever deployed. Happier you, happier bosses. And when the boss is happy, your work is done…

The gift of time with family and friends

Web performance testing can save you a bunch of time. Using record and replay tools like DiveTrace you can quickly create your tests, no scripting necessary. And when you build web performance testing into your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment environment, it all happens automagically saving you even more time. And with family and friends, comes more festivity… and …

The gift of more eggnog

With the presents of time savings, enhanced stability, improved usability that web performance testing gives you, then why not sit back, relax for the holidays and raise a glass of eggnog in appreciation for all the presents you have received this year. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

The gift of a higher IQ

OK so maybe performance testing won’t really elevate your IQ. Eggnog probably won’t either. But that doesn’t matter because everyone is going to think you’re smarter when your business is running so smoothly and not encountering any of the crashes and slowdowns that your competitors are experiencing. That’s the effect of being prepared. Smart is as smart does.

The gift of a good night’s sleep

Do you stay awake at night worrying about the stability of your site? What if there is a sudden rush and it falls over under the load? What if it slows down so much that you lose customers due to the lagging load times? When you test your web performance ahead of time, you won’t have to lie awake imagining how you’ll perform under different scenarios. You can rest easy when you know that you have tested every possible scenario and you know that you’ve prepared for every eventuality.

From all of us here at Nouvola, wishing you all a fruitful, festive and restful holiday.

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