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3 Reasons You Should Visit Nouvola at Velocity NY 2016

Posted by Marketing Nouvola on Sep 16, 2016 1:04:03 PM

Velocity NY is coming up on Sept 19-21! The theme for this year Velocity conference in NY is "Building Resilient Systems at Scale". Since 2008, Velocity has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things in web performance, web ops, and DevOps.

This year, Nouvola is excited to have a booth at the conference, network with attendees and add knowledge on how to achieve fast, reliable and scalable software. Still on the fence about attending Velocity? Here are our top 3 reasons on why every DevOps and webperf enthusiast should attend Velocity and visit the Nouvola booth.

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How DevOps is Creating a Moment of Truth for Performance Testing Technology

Posted by Paola Moretto on Sep 15, 2016 4:47:04 PM

Recently we came across a great analysis of the performance testing market and how it’s getting disrupted by the increasing demand for continuous testing. We’re grateful to Nancy Gohring and 451 Research for covering this topic, and we were honored to be mentioned in the article (full version here) as one of the innovative forces in performance testing – woot woot!

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DevOps leaders congregate at IC3

Posted by Marketing Nouvola on Sep 14, 2016 1:39:38 PM

Join Nouvola, AWS, Microsoft, Google, HPE, VMWare and Chef at the  (IC3) Sep 27 in Seattle. Now in its 3rd year, IC3 continues to be the place to learn how DevOps and cloud computing have changed enterprise IT for developers, IT managers and their organizations. IC3 is for enterprise IT executives, software developers and their staffs who want to accelerate adoption of cloud and DevOps.

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Have only 1 minute to spare?

Posted by Marketing Nouvola on Aug 19, 2016 11:32:06 AM

Want to see why Nouvola is the only true nextgen performance testing solution?  Check out this 1-minute overview to see how you can deliver the best customer experience to your users !

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Announcing Advanced Data Correlation and Randomization

Posted by Product Update on Aug 5, 2016 11:38:26 AM

Modeling complex transactions just got easier

Worried about authentication flows in your load tests? Time-sensitive tokens? Unique parameters associated to requests? Headers and URL randomization? Worry no more.

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A quick recap of Velocity SC 2016

Posted by Paola Moretto on Jul 12, 2016 2:43:44 PM

One of my favorite events in the tech industry is the O’Reilly-organized Velocity Conference in Santa Clara. Covering all things Web Perf and DevOps, Velocity is definitely a must-attend event for all serious web performance professionals.

It was great to be there with the Nouvola team, we were really excited to have a booth and to showcase our newest technology, client performance testing. With client performance testing, one has the ability to test real browser experiences and gather browser performance metrics on a global scale, as well as emulate different network conditions.  Our client performance testing offering is a great complement to our best-of-breed mobile, web and API performance testing, and we are extremely excited about the incredibly positive feedback we received.

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Join Nouvola at Velocity June 21-23

Posted by Marketing Nouvola on Jun 7, 2016 7:00:55 PM

Nouvola is happy to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference June 21st – 23rd in Santa Clara, California.  Velocity is the leading conference for Web Operations, End-to-End Optimization and Continuous Delivery.

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Nouvola announces Mobile Performance Testing solution

Posted by Product Update on May 4, 2016 9:42:15 AM

Back in January, we predicted one of the major performance testing trends in 2016 would be a steadily increasing focus on mobile. So it might not come as a surprise that one of the latest major enhancements at Nouvola is more robust mobile performance testing.

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Handling complex scenarios in performance testing (Why and how to use Nouvola’s new data correlation feature)

Posted by Paola Rossaro on Apr 1, 2016 11:02:53 AM

As we’ve covered in previous posts, performance testing is different from functional testing, and therefore requires different criteria when setting goals, creating test plans, and evaluating results.
Often times, the degree of complexity in the workflow of a functional test is not required to create a meaningful performance test scenarios. The focus is not on what is working (or not), but how the load affects the system under test.  

Still, there are several aspects that can play a crucial role when generating load, which necessarily require a certain complexity in performance testing scenarios. 

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Five things you always wanted to know about Nouvola DiveCloud (Part 2 in a series)

Posted by Paola Rossaro on Mar 18, 2016 5:48:33 PM

How do I create a test?

It is very easy to create a test in Nouvola DiveCloud. No scripting is required, and you can build and run a test in less than five minutes. The test plan is a very simple form, pre-filled with recommended values, and suggestions on how to change them. 

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