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Introducing the latest DiveCloud feature - API testing

Posted by Product Update on Sep 1, 2015 10:13:35 AM

Now it's as easy as ever to test API’s with DiveCloud and DiveProxy. Nouvola DiveProxy can turn your API’s workflows in DiveCloud sessions.

With this new feature, you can test any REST API’s with:

  • Any service layer component, including micro-services
  • Mobile applications
  • Internet of Things devices

Accelerate your development process by testing your API before the UI is ready

You can also create your API sequence in Postman then use DiveProxy to record the sequence and save it in DiveCloud. Every request entered in Postman is now saved as a regular DiveCloud session and can be used in any test plan.

Run a free test today to check out the latest API testing feature!

We'd love your feedback! Email us to share your thoughts on this new feature.

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